Hello & welcome!

I’m Laurie Bertrand and I am a freelance graphic designer located in Sioux Falls, SD.
Need some design help? Click here to send me an email or call/text 713 . 294 . 75557

Looking for samples of my work? I often post things on my Instagram.
You can find a listing of my clients here.


Here's a list of some of my local clients:

  • SDSO: The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra

  • Transept

  • The South Dakota Chorale

  • Parlour Ice Cream House

  • CH Patisserie

  • Grace Presbyterian Church

  • Queen City Bakery

  • Brooster’s Dakota Cuisine

  • Anne Lawrence, Realtor

  • SingSpire

  • Hope Has Arrived

  • Carpenter Bar

  • Keller’s Green Grocery